A Review and Look into the Children’s Book Garden Gruesome

Garden Gruesome is a delightful children’s book written and illustrated by Nelson R. Elliott. Gus, nicknamed “Gruesome Gus” is a young Goth inclined child who would rather stay inside the house and read scary books than go outside. When his mother insists that he go outside to help in the garden, he is reluctant. Gus […]

Saving Your Tomatoes from the Birds

Use fruit protection netting bags to protect your tomatoes from birds and squirrels, and let your tomatoes ripen on the vine. These bags really work and are simple to use.

How to Protect Your Winter Vegetables from Freezes

Our mild Texas winters provide a second growing season that is ideal for growing all types of greens and other winter vegetables. Most of the winter, it is not necessary to provide freeze protection for cold hardy vegetables, but there are usually a few days in January and February that will be cold enough that […]

Fall and Winter Vegetable Gardening in Texas

A selection of vegetables that grow well during the winter in Texas. The entry for each vegetable includes: the best time to plant, the best varieties, and the temperature at which the plant should be covered for extra warmth.

How To Grow Transplants from Seeds

Transplanting extra Sweet Basil into 6-packs to give away.

A method for increasing the success rate of growing transplants of plants that have very small seeds that are not as easy to grow in the open garden. This method increases the chance of more plants germinating, gives the plants a good start away from pests on the ground, and provides a back-stock for replacement plants and extras for gifts.

How To Grow Cucumbers in Texas

Persian cucumbers ready to harvest

How to successfully grow cucumbers in Texas. The best trellises for cucumbers and when to harvest. Persian and English Cucumbers are specifically discussed.